Pilates エクササイズポーズ事例

Pilates Posture C
Pilates Posture D
Pilates Posture A
Hamstring Stretch- straight leg
Breathe deep and relax

Bent knee hamstring stretch
Breathe deep and relax.
As the muscle relaxes pull the leg closer to the body.
Same as above
Pilates Posture B
※ Inhale...息を吸う
Modified hundreds position with tubing to add resistance. Breath is inhale for 5 and exhale for 5. Beginners may breath for 3 or 4 each way. Modified hundreds without the tubing. Breath is inhale 5, exhale 5.

Straight leg hundreds with ball. More
Hundreds with lower legs. Very advanced. Must be able to keep abdominals pulled in and not arch in the back.